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Meet Anna

Some people you meet just have that little bit of magic about them. One such person is office favourite Anna Dawson. Anna is the glue that keeps the team strong, the spark plug that lights up the office, and a talented writer with a quick wit she deploys on behalf of her clients to sensational effect. She does all this while raising two of the best kids you’re ever likely to meet (three if you count Jef!). We’ve truly saved the best til last, here’s how Anna tackled our hard-hitting staff quiz:

What would you be if you could be anything (aside from a social media wizard, of course!)?

A musician! Well, a pianist to be exact. Modern stuff, nothing too classical. And no singing – don’t want to be the centre of attention too much!

What would your chosen superpower be?

To read people’s minds! (ed: This one has proved the most popular answer!)
Great for knowing what everyone is thinking, knowing who your friends are, and catching Jef out!

Would you rather battle one horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses?

Oh, I’d crush the 100 tiny horses stomp by stomp. Give me lots of little problems and watch me get to work!

Serious question – pineapple on a pizza, yes or no?

Yes! A thousand times yes! Didn’t even need to think about that.

Lastly, what’s your favourite meme?

The one with Leo Dicaprio in a dapper suit with a martini in hand saying Here’s to Friday”. * swoon *

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