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Meet Hannan

Meet Our Newest Team Member – Hannan Munroe

Anyone who claims Santa isn’t real hasn’t been spending much time at Easy Social Media recently, as Christmas has come early to the office with the arrival of our new social media superstar, Hannan Munroe! With an eclectic resume that includes working as a brand creative for a hip clothing company, a freelance illustrator, and brewing up some of the best coffee you’ll find anywhere, we’re very lucky to have her — so thanks, Santa!

Here’s Hannan’s take on our famous hard-hitting staff quiz (the last one for 2018!):

What would you be if you could be anything (aside from a social media wizard, of course!)?

An archeologist! Not even necessarily for the treasures. I just really love digging. It’s about the journey, not the destination, you know?

What would your superpower be?

The ability to be omnilingual. Speaking every language in the world would make travel a good deal easier!

Would you rather battle one horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses?

Definitely the collection of tiny horses. Horses are more easily spooked than ducks (have you ever seen a stressed out duck?), especially the tiny ones. I could distract them, build a tiny wall, stare at them defiantly, the options for victory are limitless.

Serious question – pineapple on a pizza, yes or no?

Hell. Yes. Love savoury pineapple choices. Can’t get enough.

Lastly, what’s your favourite meme?

Here come dat boi!!!

It’s a frog riding a unicycle, what’s not to like?

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