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Meet Orla

Our latest staff profile has been a long time coming, but much like the Avengers we don’t invite just anyone to join this illustrious group. We decided to save ourselves for the right person, and after a rigorous search here she is!

Orla Slater comes to us from working as the social media manager for Rhythm & Vines, and thus has immediately risen high up in the power rankings as Coolest Staff Member’ (sorry, Jef…). Her fresh perspective, boundless energy, and encyclopaedic knowledge of memes area monumental asset to the team and we’re thrilled to have her on board. If anyone can help us get over the heartbreak of losing office wunderkind Lexie Hodge (all the very best in your new role!), it’s her.

We wasted no time in asking Orla the tough questions, here’s what she had to say!

What would you be if you could be anything (aside from a social media wizard, of course!)?

A music producer! Electronic stuff, drum n’ bass. Social media will be the perfect way of getting my label off the ground when it’s time to launch.

What would your chosen superpower be?

Teleportation for sure. Who wouldn’t want to just jump over to Fiji whenever they wanted?

Would you rather battle one horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses?

Give me the 100 tiny horses! A giant duck would be absolutely terrifying and I’d soon befriend the horses and convert them into a cute army all of my own.

Serious question – pineapple on a pizza, yes or no?

Hell. No. Fruit. Doesn’t. Belong. On. A. Pizza. Sweet and savoury flavours don’t mix. No.

(Editor’s note: The office is now deadlocked 4 – 4 on this crucial issue. Morale remains tense until we can find an end to this conflict.)

Lastly, what’s your favourite meme?

Grumpy Jim memes. The Office is life, and Jim Halpert is our lord and saviour.

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