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Marketing on social media can be a daunting task for a small business or a startup. With so much conflicting advice and competition, it can seem impossible to even get started. This outlines 12 crucial steps your business can take to set up for success.

More than 90 percent of marketers indicated that they use social for marketing and that social media marketing is important for their business. Sales teams said using social helps them reach their sales goals, consumers use social to research products and more than 30 percent of all web traffic is driven by the top eight social sites. Indeed, social is an important part of doing business on the Internet.

A big part of success on social media is taking advantage of all of the available tools and data to conduct market research. Searching for a core audience, building a persona of a potential buyer, researching influencers for your campaigns and examining the strategy of your competitors are all within your reach with purpose-built tools.

Social also enables companies to develop a robust content strategy. Get to know your audience and listen to their feedback to develop content that addresses their pain points and answer the questions that arise during their customer journey. Pay attention to audience and customer behavior, as well, to identify success strategies so you can refine your strategies over time.

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