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Easy Social Media can engage with your social networks. It’s an EASY 3‑Step Process

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Step 1

Create your brand’s social media profiles – or spruce up existing profiles

Your dedicated content manager creates a customised business page for you in Facebook, with your brand’s logo and design elements. We’ll find a great cover image, profile picture, complete all the about’ info and optimise the page so it can be found easily.

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We repeat this process with Instagram and LinkedIn business pages, and a YouTube channel or Pinterest page too if required.

We also provide links to all your social media channels for your web master to add to your current website’s homepage.

Step 2

Posting, Uploading, and Sharing

Your dedicated content manager works with you to understand your brand voice and values, and then posts, shares and uploads customised content to all your social networks on your behalf.

Updates are always relevant to your brand and include news, images, product releases, business milestones, and other interesting and engaging content that we find online

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We can also set up and manage your Facebook and Instagram competitions and special promotions including sales, product launches and more. Your dedicated content manager will assist you with any creative campaigns you would like to explore to engage more people with your brand, drive them to your website, and increase your sales.

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We’ll also monitor messages and posts on your social profiles

Your dedicated content manager monitors messages and posts for you across your social platforms, and forwards all queries and sales inquiries to you to be followed up.

We will interact with other users, share engaging posts, like’ other relevant Facebook pages and actively build your online presence.

Step 3

Comprehensive reporting

Log into your dashboard at any time to view a detailed report of all activity across your social media channels, with rich data on the demographic breakdown of your audience, and details of all their interactions. You’ll receive automated weekly and monthly reports.


Brand alerts across all your social profiles and the web!

Brand alerts through the Easy Dashboard let you know when people are talking about your brand. Brand alerts not only monitor your social profiles, they monitor all social accounts to let you know when your brand is being talked about online.

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