A picture says a thousand words, so it’s no wonder instagram is becoming the go-to platform for brand storytelling.



If a picture says a thousand words, it’s no wonder Instagram is the fastest-growing social media platform on the globe. With seemingly endless potential for carefully crafted visual storytelling, companies around the world are quickly waking up to Instagram’s brand-building power.

It’s not often being described as sticky’ can be seen in a positive light, but the stickiness’ of Instagram users is part of what separates it from other platforms. People tend to stick around longer, engage with content more readily, and form more personal connections to brands on Instagram.


To illustrate an example of an Instagram page that has successful gathered a following of hyper-engaged users we have Byrne Design. First and foremost, a commitment to great imagery shines through. Here we’ve coupled this with colour-coordination to create a mood board built to attract the eye. To ensure Byrne Design are connecting with their ideal audience, we’ve sought out influential designers in a similar industry space and targeted their followers. This also helps keep things local’, drawing in the most relevant base of potential new users.


When it comes to hashtags, less is more. Instagram users (and the platform itself) can spot an overstuffed hashtag bonanza a mile away and it’s swiftly dismissed as spam. Up to three carefully chosen hashtags is best.

Ultimately, a successful Instagram presence is the result of taking a simple approach, backed by plenty of meticulous thought in defining who it is you want to reach. We may make it look easy, though it’s anything but! If you’re curious about how Instagram could benefit your business, get in touch and we’ll connect you with our in-house Instagram experts.

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