Behind the velvet rope – Why behind-the-scenes content is crucial for social success



While traditional forms of media are all about staying on brand’, we encourage you to not forget about the social’ in Social Media. The best social pages don’t talk at an audience, they embrace it as a conversation.

Three examples of the type of content that plays reliably well on social media are behind-the- scenes’ content, real time customer interaction, and regular what have you been up to?’ updates.

People love going behind-the- scenes’, it’s why we have DVD special features (or in the digital age, Youtube extras). It’s an easy way to humanise your brand, stepping away from the hard-sell to showcase the people that make your company great. You don’t need to get a photographer in so your staff can get glam for a professional shoot – a quick snap on your phone is perfect, the more real’ the better! Combining the right piece of engaging content with a targeted boost can yield outstanding results and give your firm a genuine spike in visibility.

Have you recently run a competition (for more on competitions see the rest of this month’s newsletter!), had a positive interaction with a client, or been part of a community event? Show us! The most trustworthy brand ambassador in the eyes of a new follower and potential future client is an existing one! Make them a part of the conversation on your social pages and watch your fan base grow into a hyper-engaged legion of super fans.

It’s easy to forget about social media when you’ve got a million other things going on (that’s why you have us!), but taking a minute to upload a few photos to a shared Dropbox (if you don’t have one set up let us know and we’ll sort a folder for you!) helps us promote you as the active, hard-working lot that you are! Flick us an email with what you’re up to, give us a call, send us a carrier pigeon, whatever it takes to make sure we’re able to deploy our social media strategy to maximum effect.

Nobody is invested in your social success more than us, so help us help you!

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