Case Study: Making Shopfitting Sexy.

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by Yvonne Adams


Ain’t no party like a shop-fitting party!

Here’s looking at you Dimension Shopfitters 😉

With an increasing number of high-end shopfitting gigs around NZ, our mate Nick — aka Head Honcho at Dimension Shopfitters — says (and we’re paraphrasing) We’ve never been able to showcase our work — we add projects to the website, but that’s as far as things go. We want to get active on social media so that we can capture more of the flavour’ of our fitouts and share it with the good people of New Zealand”. 

Nice one Nick, we like what you’re about. 

Especially the flavour’ part. We assume you’re referring to your top-performing post featuring #whittakerschocolate. (Samples, please?)

Besides working with some of the country’s most esteemed retail brands, Nick cleverly reached out to his contractors and suppliers and asked them to send regular photos of onsite progress.
This may sound simple, but it has been significant in the growth of Dimension Shopfitters’ brand online as it allows the Easy Social Media team to share fitouts live and in real-time. This style of raw, current and real-time content is immensely popular with social media followers, and is generating around 20,000 eyeballs on the Dimension Shopfitters brand each month. 

Nick loves seeing their latest projects showcased online in a visually engaging way and says Working with Easy Social Media is the best decision I’ve ever made in my life — it’s even more significant than the birth of my first child”.*

*Nick was overseas at the time of writing this article, however we’re pretty sure that he would have said something along these lines. 

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