Graeme Dingle Foundation: Making New Zealand’s Future Brighter — One Child at a Time



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Social media isn’t just a powerful tool for promoting businesses and posting pictures of your puppy (though it’s also all of those things), it can also be used to help charitable organisations further their goals. Recently we’ve been working with the Graeme Dingle Foundation who have partnered with NZ Rugby on a campaign that helps Kiwi kids reach their goals.

The Graeme Dingle Foundation a leader in positive child and youth development, currently working with 27,000 five to 18-year-olds throughout New Zealand. Founded by Sir Graeme Dingle and Jo-anne Wilkinson over twenty years ago, the Foundation aims to boost the prospects of young New Zealanders through greater access to education and programmes that bolster self-esteem, motivation, and health.

The Overcoming Obstacles’ campaign is all about showing Kiwi Kids that what they have inside is greater than any obstacle. To reinforce this message, the Dingle Foundation has produced a number of inspirational videos with some of our nation’s most prominent heroes. As the official charity of New Zealand Rugby, they have joined forces with the All Blacks and Black Ferns, offering inspiration and guidance to a new generation of New Zealanders. It’s all about helping young people thrive so they can develop confidence in who they are and make the most of their precious lives, becoming positive contributors to our communities. There’s really nothing better than that, is there?

So where do we come in? We’ve been working with the Graeme Dingle Foundation on a tactical ads campaign to ensure this content is seen far and wide by anyone who may be interested in supporting the cause (you may have seen the ads in your timeline!). Our ads experts have defined the perfect audience for this campaign, and we’re seeing some cracking results already.

Have something you’re passionate about? Whether it’s a business venture, a charity, or a picture of your puppy, we can help you get it seen. Get in touch to make your mark on social!

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