Case Study — How F45 Worked Out the Best Way to Bring In New Gym Clients

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January is one of the biggest months of the year for gyms. Everyone’s feeling motivated to kick off their new year fitter and healthier than ever before, trips to the beach provide extra motivation to work out your core, and time off work means sticking to a routine is relatively easy. Come April and the end of daylight savings and it’s often a different story. Memberships go by the wayside as the lure of curling up in front of Netflix becomes irresistible and gym patronage hits an all-time low. We decided to change that.

F45 Pakuranga is a local gym with a fresh, innovative approach to group workouts. Many who try it become converts, and their every week a new work out’ ethos helps keep things interesting. They’ve taken the time to create impactful, exciting video content that speaks to the spirit of the gym and the target audience they’re trying to attract. So, what’s the problem?

There’s an old saying that asks if a tree falls in the forest and nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”. In the world of social media, if there’s nobody looking at and engaging with your content (or if the wrong people are seeing your content), you may as well not be posting. We took the excellent content provided by F45 and had one of our Facebook advertising experts create an ad set perfectly tailored to reach anyone looking for a good work out in and around the surrounding suburbs.

The result? 600+ website clicks at an average cost in the low cents (not dollars) per click. If even a fraction of those people signed up for a trial membership at once there’d be no way to keep up with demand.

So how can you give your business a similar push? Talk to us about running a Facebook ad campaign on your behalf. Between localised adverts, remarketing, competitions, lead generation campaigns and more, we have plenty of tools at our disposal we’d love to apply to your next promotion. Talk to the team and give your business the work out it needs!

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