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You’re pumping out engaging, high-quality content backed by a robust advertising budget and a strategic set of social campaigns tailored just for you. You’re doing everything right. So why aren’t you seeing a bigger uptick in new clients? One of the hardest aspects of social marketing is converting all that juicy reach and engagement into cold hard cash for you and your business. Facebook’s recently launched book now” feature is here to change that.

Whether you’re an accountant, a plumber, a nail salon, or a zero gravity dance school, the vast majority of businesses would be better served by having an effective booking tool at their fingertips. Without a simple, intuitive way to check availability and book in for a session, you’ll find that a huge amount of potential clients will fall through the gaps”. A booking tool not only makes it easier for warm leads to lock in their interest, but it also cuts down on a lot of potential back-and-forth as you can make available only the time-slots that suit you.

If you don’t currently have a booking page on your website, you can run everything from your Facebook business page. Better communicate with clients by setting up an automatic confirmation, reminder and follow-up to go out over messenger. Manage all of your bookings from a single calendar, that can then be synced up with your personal calendar (ideal for those one-man and one-woman bands out there!). Facebook even makes it easy to track customer information through your contacts list, building your database ahead of future campaigns.

Already have a booking tool you’re using? We can sync it up to your business page to make it even easier for your clients to get in touch. Wherever people are finding you and your business they’ll be able to lock in a time to come and see you with just a couple of clicks.

Ready to turn all that social attention into more clients and greater profits through 2019 and beyond? Talk to our ads team about giving your next campaign that extra kick — book in a call today!

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