Fishing for Clients is 10% Inspiration, 90% Perspiration

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If a tree falls in the forest and there’s nobody around to hear it, does it make a sound? Getting a potential new client onto your website is only part of the battle. Many users will visit once and then drop off for one reason or another without ever getting in touch (even if they’re interested!). With so much competition for eyeballs online, asking once simply isn’t enough. So how do you get them hooked’ again?

Remarketing is the process of actively marketing to users who have recently been on your website. They’ve seen your content, they’ve engaged with it, they’re ready to fill a need with your product or service — if only you can get their attention again. Once they’ve clicked on your website once, a remarketing ad will follow’ them around, placing an ad in their timeline enticing them back to the page. With a more defined, receptive audience you can look to make these ads even more personal, gently reminding people you exist and you have exactly what it is they’re looking for. Essentially, remarketing is the process of turning warm’ leads into loyal customers.

Already have a database of email addresses or mobile numbers? Even better! We can use these to build an audience of users pulled from lead generation campaigns or other interactions and get your message heard loud and clear. It doesn’t have to cost the world either — many successful remarketing campaigns we’ve run in the past have had a budget of as little as $1 per day! Whether you’re a one-man-band or a large company with a hefty marketing budget, the important thing is that you’re remaining active and getting the word out as often as you can.

Your business could be missing out on some serious growth by letting these potential clients slip through your fingers. They’re ready to be converted — all you need to do is ask. To set up a remarketing campaign give us a call — you won’t even have to ask us twice!

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