Facebook’s job posting feature and what it means for small business recruitment



Facebook has been a powerhouse in the social media realm for quite some time. Nearly 1.23 billion people use Facebook daily to connect with friends, share personal stories or pictures, and like business Pages. It’s safe to say that, from its inception in 2004, the social network has changed the way we communicate, both personally and professionally.

And they’re not done yet.

Now, Facebook is attempting to break into a new market: job recruitment.

That’s right. Facebook has rolled out a new feature that aims to compete with professional networks like LinkedIn and hiring platforms like Indeed. Jobs on Facebook is a new tool for small businesses (and large businesses) to post job openings directly to their Pages, and allows applicants to apply to open positions using their Facebook profile information.
But, what does it mean for you and your small business?

As a small business owner, you now have the power to use Facebook — and your established social network — as a means of recruiting and hiring. But, how?
How to Post a Job on FacebookPosting a job to Facebook using this new tool is easy. Page admins can now create a job posts, track applications, and communicate directly with applicants via Facebook’s own messaging app. To do so, you just have to follow these simple steps:

  • Create a job posting. From your company Facebook page, you simply click Create a Job Post’ and fill out the designated information. The job listing will publish to your company page and to the network’s new jobs bookmark.
  • Track applications. Once your job is posted, you will be able to track, view, and manage applications in Facebook Business Manager. All applications will be sent to your company page via Messenger. Having an Apply Now’ button on Facebook means that you will also be able to easily screen an applicant’s social media profiles as well.
  • Communicate with applicants. The idea of Jobs for Facebook is to complete all initial recruiting and screening through Facebook’s various communication channels. Once applications are submitted, you will be able to respond to applicants via Messenger.

LinkedIn v. Facebook: Which Is Better for Recruitment?Seeing as Facebook’s newest recruiting tool is free of charge, it can seem a bit disheartening to those of you paying to post your job openings on LinkedIn. However, the job search platform that Facebook has released is simple and still in its early stages of life. 

Using LinkedIn is a simple way to turn qualified applicants into stellar employees within professional fields. Without having the advanced search features and reputation of LinkedIn, it is unlikely the service will outperform professional recruiting networks at the moment.

Professional job seekers will likely stick to what they know — LinkedIn, Indeed, and other hiring platforms — for the time being. But, when it comes to part-time employment, hourly positions and skills-based recruiting, Jobs for Facebook may be onto something.

The simple platform gives you, the local business owner, yet another reason to engage with the social media marketing; and, it makes your company Facebook page that much more valuable.

Facebook can generate a significant number of leads, sales, and referrals for your business — and, soon, it might just be the solution to your hiring needs.

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