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You’ve got some cracking insider content and a dedicated audience ready to gobble it all up. Fantastic, right? Well, you’re certainly in a great position — but why are you giving it all away for free? Up until now you’ve had no choice, social’ has been synonymous with free’. With the launch of a new Facebook product due to arrive on our shores any day now, you’ll soon have more choice when it comes to providing content to your audience.

Facebook Subscriptions will allow you to create a separate, exclusive group where members pay a monthly fee to join. That way your most loyal consumers can receive premium content from you, while you build an extra little income stream. A true win-win!

The subscriptions feature will allow you to customise the price, offering as many options as you deem fit. Collect fees and manage lists all in one place, ask your members questions, interact with them and foster loyalty and trust with your most dedicated clients. This is the perfect place to share those extra tutorials and online courses, offering your best and brightest advice that you don’t want to give away for free. Incentivise your members to stay active in the group and they’ll keep coming back for more.

On the administrative side of things, members are accepted wherever Facebook Payments, Apple or Google Pay are accepted. Sign-ups will be made available from a computer, Android or iOS phones, with access on all devices.

Been cooking up some high-quality content you’d love to share with your audience? Talk to the Easy Social Media team about your best social options, we’d love to help!

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