How to Overcome Facebook Ad Fatigue and Get More Conversions

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by Francois Thorne

Remember when Facebook started feeding you ads about things on your to-buy wishlist? At first, we thought this was cool, but quickly our feeds became swamped with ads for similar versions of the same thing.

Unfortunately, the end result of this targeted advertising approach – and ad-heavy feeds – has led to what the big kids have coined Facebook Ad Fatigue.

People are tired of being bombarded with ad after ad and have switched off. Unfortunately, for business pages like yours, this has made it harder to piqué the interest of your followers. 

What’s Facebook Ad Fatigue, Exactly?

The algorithm is designed to send new ads to users. To increase the chance of conversion, a user will see the same ad multiple times. However, there reaches a point when the user’s responsiveness is maxed out and they are fatigued! 

It doesn’t matter if your ad campaign is the best in the biz! After a certain amount of views, your followers will switch off to it, and your return on ad spend will plummet!

To keep things fresh and your followers engaged, tweak and update your ads regularly. 

4 Ways to Ensure Facebook Marketing Success by Combating Ad Fatigue

Refresh the Target

Rethinking your ad strategy and refreshing your target audience is an excellent way to avoid your followers falling ill with ad fatigue. 

Simply go to the ad set level of the campaign select Duplicate, and then adjust the preferences of your target audience.

Testing a new audience with interests similar to the ones you have already targeted will share it with a fresh bunch of eyes and expand your outreach!

Top tip

Refreshing the target audience – instead of creating a new ad targeting a new audience – keeps all the likes, shares and comments of the original ad in play and provides social proof that others have engaged. Social proof is a powerful motivator. We – us human folk – are suckers for it.

Refresh the Offer

Refreshing the offer adds different layers of appeal. Where a 15% off deal might speak to one, an offer of free shipping may speak to another.

The good news is that you can refresh the offer at any time.

Here’s how

  • Navigate to the ad level of the campaign.
  • Choose the ad you want to refresh and click Duplicate.
  • In the Duplicate window, you’ll be able to change the offer.

Refresh the Objectives

Your ad objectives must always align with your marketing objectives. This should be top of mind every time you set up an ad campaign and – more critically – when you refresh it.

To refresh your ad’s objectives

  • Go to the campaign level of the ad campaign you want to refresh.
  • Click Duplicate.
  • If this is a one-time change, make one copy of the ad.
  • At this point, there will be a menu from which you can select your new objective.

Refresh the Copy

This is perhaps the most critical refresh of the four. Spend time crafting some engaging content, something that will capture the scroller’s attention and engage them with your ad, or better yet, convert! 

A show-stopping statement, an intriguing image or an entertaining video are all great examples of content that will stop someone in rampant scroll mode.

If you don’t have someone on your team that has a knack for creating quality content it may be worth outsourcing it to someone who does. 

Here’s how to refresh your ad copy

  • Create a duplicate of the ad you want to update.
  • Edit the format from an image, video or carousel ad if you decide that this will be more effective.
  • Consider using a more creative call to action.

Keep Working on Your Facebook Ads; That’s the Only Way to Long-Term Success

If you wish to strike gold then rolling out the same old ads time and time again is NOT going to reward you with any valuable nuggets!

Now more than ever, you should consider your campaign a moving feast. Facebook’s world is fast-paced, and its users’ expectations are high. What sells today can be seen as last week’s leftovers tomorrow.

Stay ahead of the fatigue by analysing your campaign’s performance and refreshing it before the algorithm has a chance to flag it as an underperformer. 

Jump on all the tips outlined above, or call in a team of friendly experts like us! The Easy Social Media team are ready and willing to be at your service.

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