How to succeed on the feed — Part 1: Presence



Your presence on social media should be deeply considered. Think about your own experience on your personal feed. 

  • When you scroll, how often do you stop?
  • If you do stop, how long for? 
  • What do you stop for? 

And conversely:

  • What annoys you? 
  • Have you unfollowed or un-friended people because of their posts? 
  • If so, what did you not like about those posts? 
  • What did you scroll past without looking at? 

The frequency of which you post is a very polarising aspect of social media. Too much — You annoy people and they are likely to unfollow you.
Too Little — People are not likely to find you in the first place. 

I would not recommend posting more than once a day. There are circumstances in which this acceptable — an event, a milestone etc. But often, you will annoy your audience and they will not engage with your content, or they will unfollow you all together. 

If you post too little, there is less chance of organic engagement. Your prime opportunity to gain the engagement of your followers, or friends of your followers, is the moment at which you post. This is because the newest posts will always appear at the top of a feed. Think about your audience. When are they likely to be on social media? Perhaps at your audience’s lunch time, during their after work commute, or in the evening when people are at home. These times may be different depending on your audience — use your common sense here. 

Some simple ideas on the type of content that will have the right balance of being present, but not annoying:

Text/​Copy — Keep it short! Say everything you need to, in the least words possible! Statistically videos have a very high engagement rate. Use videos whenever possible! 

Video — Keep it short! Your audience can see how long the video is. It is often ignored if it’s over a minute. 

Imagery — ALWAYS use an image. People are much more likely to scroll past a sentence than they are an image. Make it eye-catching, make it bold. 

Selling — If you are trying to sell something via a link to a website, try and put this in the second line of text. If you lead with this, people often switch off. However, if you write too much text and then place a link at the bottom, it is unlikely to be seen at all. 

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