How to succeed on the feed — Part 2: Relevance



The relevance of your content is important as it tells people about your values. The purpose of your website is to inform/​sell, whereas social media centres around your brand’s personality. You want to get people on your side! Have fun and be creative, yet remain on topic! Adding a hashtag to your posts can always re-centre the content around your business. (Don’t over do it though!)

  • Who are you?
  • Why are you doing what you’re doing?
  • What/​who got you to this point

You want to let people into the inner workings of your business — tell a story. Behind the scenes posts are a good way to go. Take a look at your website — decide what it’s purpose is. Is it to sell? Is it to inform? Basically you don’t want to repost the information on your website too much. People already have access to this information, you want to show them another side of your business they wouldn’t otherwise see.

  • Who are the people that work hard in your company? Highlight them.
  • What necessary processes are involved to create your goods or services? Highlight them.
  • Most importantly, what is your point of difference? Highlight this!

Otherwise posting articles or other current events within your industry on your social media is an excellent way to show your audience that you are aware of the happenings in your field. It is still relevant and personable. Trying to sell a product with every post will eventually turn people off.

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