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When Instagram first launched in 2010, it was all about posting pictures for the world to see. Instagram has certainly progressed since then, and has become home to many businesses who have leveraged this popular social media site to market their brand and connect with their audience. With more than 600 million people who use Instagram every single month, many small businesses have been able to think on a global scale and here’s why:


We currently live in a conceptual age where people are drawn in by emotion. This essentially means that businesses have to master the art of storytelling, which is made easy with Instagram given that this platform thrives on effective visuals. Many businesses today are able to create captivating ad campaigns that quickly captures Instagram user’s attention in the fast-paced internet world. Additionally, Instagram makes it easy for businesses to market their products to a specific audience with hashtags, and with Instagram’s growing number of users, it has become more enticing for business owners to use this simple tool to their advantage. Hashtags have made it possible for businesses to expand their reach and increase sales.

Getting Personal With Your Audience

Instagram is a fun and friendly platform, and it continues to push that concept with Instagram Live. This relatively new feature has allowed businesses to strengthen their relationship with their customers and create relationships with potential customers. Instagram Live allows businesses to be more fun and inviting by getting personal. Whether it be to give quick tips, host a Q&A or give people a behind the scenes look on some faucet of the business, Instagram Live has been the go-to tool to do so. Strengthening the line of communication has generally been a tough thing to do on the internet, but Instagram is dedicated to mastering it.
Instagram is certainly progressing with new technology. More importantly, Instagram is paying attention to what user’s need for a better experience. This is why it has become one of the best places for businesses to grow, and why so many businesses continue to trust what Instagram can do for their business.

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