All Hail the King! — How This Kiwi Brand Expanded Globally by Advertising Locally



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You’ve got a killer product, slick marketing, and you know exactly who your audience is. Should be easy to make a big splash in the market and become the next major Kiwi success story, right? Truth is, without the right type of social marketing your business could end up like the lonely tree in that well-worn proverb — making a whole heap of noise with no one around to hear it.

One of the major advantages of using Facebook’s advertising platform is the ability to create hyper-local campaigns that reach out to new and existing customers in a specific area. If someone’s on their phone within a certain radius (and let’s be honest, we’re always on our phones) chances are they’ll be looking at your ad. It’s one of the best ways of encouraging people to pop in now and sample your wares!

One of our clients, King of Kiwi, used this to devastatingly good effect on a recent road trip through the US. These local producers of immunity-boosting organic kiwifruit juices wanted to break into the American market, so they packed up some of their finest stock and took a drive up the West Coast, visiting a range of local health food stores along the way. At each stop they sent the team at Easy Social Media a short video clip of what they were up to, along with updated coordinates, and we set up a smashing local campaign to help drive local consumers to try their drinks. At every stop they sold out and it was possibly the best little introduction to the US market they could have asked for!

While the King of Kiwi team are currently in the midst of trying the same thing in the Singapore market, you don’t have to be looking globally to get the most out of hyper-local Facebook ads. Wherever you do business, whether it’s near or far, leveraging the accuracy of the Facebook ads platform is the most efficient, cost-effective way of reaching exactly the sort of people you need to be getting in front of.

Talk to us about your aspirations and our expert ads team will design something that works for you!

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