Let Them Eat Cake!” — Sweet Soul Patisserie & the Art of Social Success



sweet soul patisserie

Whether you’re heading out on a hot date, meeting the in-laws, or launching a new business venture, first impressions count. This is doubly true on social media, where reactions can spread near instantaneously — you only get one shot to do it right. While it’s our job to make your business pop, sometimes the result exceeds even our high expectations.

One such recent success story is Sweet Soul Patisserie, a French bakery based in Christchurch. A couple of months before their official launch we built pages across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and started to populate them with interesting, visually arresting content. Why two months out from the launch date? So that as we ramped up the advertising and more people discovered the business there would already be a wealth of compelling material waiting there to build anticipation in advance of the opening event.

Speaking of events, we built event pages for the launch and used a precisely targeted ads campaign to ensure that everyone in the surrounding areas who fit their target demographic knew when, where and what to expect from the all important first day. When savvy targeting is combined with gorgeous, imagery your chances of striking social media gold multiply. The good folk at Sweet Soul Patisserie understood the importance of showing off their brand visually, providing us with sumptuous photography that had us feverishly looking up flights to Christchurch to sample the impeccable looking cakes (unfortunately the boss wouldn’t give us the time off!).

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Populating the page with interesting tidbits of local news and engaging with the local community added to the community feel of the page. We’ve since had news outlets reaching out to the Sweet Soul Patisserie team, looking to provide them with even more publicity. With their social following growing in leaps and bounds every day, dozens of positive reviews popping up on the pages, and a smashing launch, this new business has made that all important first step into the marketplace count.

Looking to bring something new to the market, ramp up your existing activity, or prepare for an upcoming event? We’d love nothing more than to help you make it a roaring success. Expert social media management without the onerous long-term contracts — at Easy Social Media you can have your cake and eat it too.

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