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Launching a new app can be a bit like taking a message in a bottle, throwing it into the sea and hoping it comes back to you. It could go well, but the odds are often against you. Not so for this Kiwi start-up we’ve recently been working with, who have taken an idea and turned it into something magic (with a little help from us of course).

noc noc’ is a platform where users can list goods for sale, services, advertise a business, or simply connect with people. They can do all this without having to worry about any of the added fees or commissions commonly found elsewhere. Sound good? We thought so too! But the ESM team giving it a download doesn’t move the needle much on it’s own, so the team devised a plan to get things moving.

By making the app available for download through Facebook and executing a strategic campaign so artful it should probably hang in the Louvre, this brand new app saw almost 500 new downloads in less than a fortnight, and is now roaring up and over 2000 total downloads.

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The toughest thing when building a community-based app is getting that initial audience chunk migrating towards it together — if the uptake is too gradual you’re likely to lose users just as fast as you’re gaining them. With the power of social media, we’ve helped the noc noc team navigate this tricky early period known as the leaky bucket’ phase. We can’t wait to see where things go next, and being on the ground floor of something like this is wickedly exciting!

Have you got an idea percolating for an app of your own? Maybe you’re looking to onboard a new set of clients and need a creative way of reaching out to a new audience? It’s our job to help people like you find the audience you deserve. Get in touch to talk about your needs and ensure the next time you go knocking on doors a host of potential clients are ready and waiting to answer.

Make sure you download Noc Noc on IOS or Android! www​.Noc​Noc​.co​.nz

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