Quick tip – using email lists to build custom audiences



If a tree falls in the forest and nobody around seems to care, did it really happen? Similarly, it’s not enough just to chase reach on social media, putting your content in front of as many eyeballs as possible – you need to consider who is seeing your posts.

We all want to see those nice juicy stats showing posts going viral and page followers booming, but it’s just as important to build the right sort of audience, one that’s engaged in what you’re doing and likely to become repeat customers now or in the future. But how do you ensure you’re reaching these people?

If you have an email database of contacts, clients, or anyone who’s ever shown interest in your business you could be sitting on a goldmine of strategic data. Our team can take that list and use it to create a custom audience on Facebook specifically engineered to appeal to highly interested parties. We can market direct to these people, create lookalike’ audiences of a similar make-up, and tinker with how broad or narrow to make the target audience depending on the nature of your business.

So what are you waiting for? If you’ve got any sort of email list (note: it needs to be at least in the mid-hundreds to be effective), send it to your content manager and let them turn it into social media gold!

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