The Power of Listening — Why Reading Minds” Can Be Good For Business



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When asked if they could have any superpower at all, plenty of people say something along the lines of mind-control”. If knowledge is power, then being able to know what others are thinking would provide one with a tremendous advantage in life. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately!), superpowers don’t exist (that we know of…), but you and your business are able to achieve something similar through a phenomenon known as social listening”.

Social listening is the process of staying vigilant for any direct mentions of your brand, any specific keywords of interest to you, or any relevant industry topics or competitor activity that may give you more insight as to where you sit in the marketplace. By gaining a more complete picture of how you’re being perceived, you can more effectively make adjustments where needed. Being an active listener is the closest thing to reading the minds” of your target audience and better serving their needs moving forward.

Job done, right? Not quite. All the data in the world is only as useful as the insight gained from it. A robust analysis of information gained from social listening will help identify opportunities, alert you to weaknesses, and signpost any threats that may be looming over the horizon. We’re sure Kodak would have loved to engage in social listening before getting swept aside by the rise of digital camera technology!

Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, TripAdvisor, Google My Business, or a carrier pigeon (OK, maybe not that last one…), if you’re being talked about you need to hear about it. Get in touch with the Easy Social Media team about how you can be a better social listener” — it’s not a superpower, but it’s pretty close!

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