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Ancient Rome. The Beatles. The All Blacks legendary 2015 – 16 winning streak. Sometimes even good things come to an end. And so it goes, we prepare to say goodbye to Google+ as a social media platform.

It’s no secret that Google+ enjoyed a tiny fraction of the adoption and daily active users enjoyed by première platforms like Facebook and Instagram (a big reason why we’re always encouraging our lovely clients to invest in these two first and foremost!). When coupled with a recent security bug, Google decided to pull the plug on the little social media platform that, in the end, couldn’t. So what does this mean for you and your business?

The good news is, not a lot! Google+ was primarily useful as a way of both creating a listing for your business immediately accessible through Google, while also giving your search rankings a healthy bump (Google stay mum on whether Google pages are more searchable than those found elsewhere, but it’s not exactly a secret that having one does help!). In these areas, you’ll still be well served by Google My Business.

Unlike Google+, Google My Business receives a lot more love from the Silicon Valley powerhouse, with new features regularly being added to improve user experience and searchability. You’ll notice no drop-off in being migrated over from one platform to the other, with everything set to be business as usual for all involved.

If you were one of the last remaining personal Google+ users, we’re sorry for your loss, but for everyone else this is one death we’ll barely notice. Rome was rebuilt. The Beatles individually released a treasure trove of sterling solo records. The All Blacks began a new winning streak. The circle of life and rebirth continues.

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