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Increasing Your Organic Reach and Engagement on Social Media.

If you feel like you’re not achieving the same level of organic reach or engagement you used to a few years back, it’s because you’re not!

Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to execute your social media strategy without paid ads and promotions. 

The good news is that there are other ways to utilise social media platforms and grow your organic reach and engagement with other methods in 2023.

Understanding Social Media Algorithms

Every social media network has its own algorithm. To get the most out of each network, you must understand how each algorithm works.

For Facebook, comments are king.

To encourage meaningful interaction between users, Facebook updated its algorithm to emphasise content from users’ friends and family; this change has made it harder for businesses to get their posts seen.

Meaningful interactions are categorised by things such as comments and shares. Facebook’s new algorithm considers comments a top ranking factor. When you plan your posts, prioritise content that will initiate conversation between your followers.

Twitter and Instagram love engagement

Twitter focuses on promoting content in real-time and, therefore, is less algorithmic. Having said that, the In case you missed it’ section, displayed at the top of your feed, will always display recent tweets that received the most engagement.

Engagement should be your focus. The higher the engagement, the better chance your tweet has of appearing in your followers’ feeds.

Like Facebook, Instagram is less concerned with the chronological feed and instead rewards posts with a high level of engagement.

TikTok counts views

TikTok intersperses newly uploaded videos between popular ones, then track how many people watch – and for how long – like’, comment, share and download it. To trigger the algorithm to show your video to more people, it must hit a 1 like’ for every 10 views ratio.

TikTok’s algorithm is triggered by the velocity of the engagement it receives. Simply put, if a video suddenly receives 20% more likes in a single day, it will be shown to more people. 

Bottom line

Triggering engagement should be your number one priority. The more engagement your post provokes, the better chance it has of appearing in your followers’ feeds and, therefore, the better your organic reach.

Quality over Quantity

Producing fewer high-quality and relevant posts – that will piqué your followers’ interest – is an excellent way to increase your organic reach. To do this, you must get to know your audience and understand what they like and will respond to. Your page analytics will provide some answers here too.

Quality content that drives significant engagement wins the favour of the algorithms across all social media platforms.

Videos and Live Videos

In recent years the rise of video as a powerful and effective tool can’t be overlooked. Users LOVE video. They are the preferred way to consume content.

Video content viewership skyrocketed during the pandemic. With people looking for ways to connect and stay informed, videos and live streams were the perfect antidotes.

Live streaming is a great way to spark engagement as – by nature – they create a sense of urgency. Tools like Periscope, Facebook Live, Instagram Live and Broadcast Me can make creating quality videos for your posts easier.

Use Messenger Bots

ChatBots are transforming the way businesses communicate with their clients. ChatBots are great for retaining customers and sharing knowledge and are effective lead nurturers. With advances in A.I. happening constantly, Chatbots are becoming more efficient and human-like daily.

Customers prefer – and trust – shopping online with businesses that offer bot support and find messaging with businesses is a convenient way to stay connected with their preferred brands. Because of this, more and more companies are switching to messaging platforms to boost customer engagement and strengthen loyalty.

Optimising Your Social Media Profiles

If you seek to be a social media headliner, you must include a few simple things in your profile set-up.

These include:

  • A social media username that is easy to remember.
  • A recognisable photo or your brand logo
  • A keyword-rich – but naturally worded – description of your page
  • Backlinks to your company website.

Additionally, when you post content, you must focus on the image and keywords you include in the post. This rule applies across all social media platforms.

Apply these proven methods to increase organic reach and attract a bigger audience.

Or, as always, contact the friendly team at Easy Social Media, who would love to do all this for you!

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