Scoops of Social Media Ice Cream

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by Yvonne Adams

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Scooptastic news in the world of social media, we hope you’re hungry!

Goody Gumdrops. If you’re an administrator of a LinkedIn Company page, you’ll be excited to learn that you can now invite your connections to follow your page.

Green Tea ice-cream (🤢) if you’re a connection of many, many page administrators.
Because spam.

Tiramisu if your website is a Speedy McPage-Loader, as Google is about to start badging and rewarding high-speed sites. Yay…?

We also discovered that Facebook has this nifty Holiday Insights Tool which lets you play around with different markets and timeframes to learn how shoppers have been behaving around Christmas time for the past couple of years. It’s a bit of a soggy waffle cone (for some reason New Zealand isn’t included as a standalone country in the Asia Pacific listing) but we’ll give it a bite anyway.

And finally, chocolate sauce to you if you’ve already set up your Christmas Campaign!

If you haven’t set up your Christmas Campaign — and you still want to after reading this — then we are definitely the right people for the job. 


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