The abc’s of LinkedIn lead generation, your secret weapon of success



For most of us when it comes to doing business, networking a necessary evil.
Thankfully, social media has made it easier than ever to make an initial
introduction with the people who will help further your sales and professional
growth. The benefits of Facebook are well known (check our previous
newsletters on our website for more in-depth write-ups!), but LinkedIn should also be a crucial cog in your social strategy, especially if you’re in the B2B space.

One sure-fire way of getting your message out there and meeting the right
people is a LinkedIn lead generation campaign. The basic function here is to
create high quality leads in a measureable, manageable way. What could be
better than that?

When we set up a lead generation campaign we start with a compelling call to action, boiling down all the reasons why people should connect with you and your business into its most appealing essence. This then gets sent out to the most suitable users, offering up an ad that takes just one click to auto-fill with juicy data (name, contact info, company name, all that good stuff!). This one-click’ functionality makes it easy to reduce barriers to entry and get leads over the line and into your database (where they belong!).

You’ll also get accurate reporting, allowing you to measure things like cost per lead, and valuable information on the specific audiences you’re converting into leads. We’re here to help you interpret this data, signposting areas of strength and devising strategies to improve the efficiency of your campaign. Once it’s run its course you’re able to download your leads directly or pass them along to the CRM or third party platform of your choice (MailChimp, etc).

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