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No matter how good your bowling arm, if you’ve got no pins to aim at you’re going to miss every time. The same goes for business, where a killer pitch or game-changing product only really has value if there’s an audience to market it to. A Facebook lead generation campaign is a reliable way of attracting high-quality leads and growing your database.

One of the nifty new tricks we’ve added to our lead generation strategy is the ability to link up your campaign directly to your Mailchimp. This means as more leads filter through they’ll automatically be added to your mailing list, making it even easier to integrate new business with your existing clientele. Happy with your email database and looking to target conversions? We can make all sorts of adjustments to suit your particular short and long term goals.

Easy customisation is one of the top reasons to deploy a lead gen campaign. Whether you’re wanting to gather info about your core clientele, go broad with an exciting competition or promotional giveaway, or go extra niche in pursuit of a few blue-chip clients; we work with you to craft something designed for your particular goals.

We make it easy for potential customers to engage with your campaign — in most cases, you’re only two clicks away from getting your hands on that tasty new lead! It’s as if the pins are practically lining themselves up, and we’re just guiding them into place. If you’re ready to strike up a connection with some new clients, talk to our in-house ads team about setting up a lead gen campaign for your business!

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