Two highly effective strategies we use for Facebook advertising.



If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound? When it comes to social media you can make all the noise you like but if it’s not targeted to the right people you might as well not exist. Effective Facebook advertising is the difference between awareness and irrelevancy. Here are two highly effective strategies for being heard.

Facebook remarketing lets you stay in front of people who are interested in your brand. It turns lukewarm leads into red-hot prospects, converting curiosity into a loyal band of engaged clientele. How does it do this? Put simply, a pixel’ is embedded into your website that tracks users who’ve visited your page at one point. This allows you to market to those with genuine interest in what you’re offering, following them around with advertising that appears in their Facebook feed and keeping you top of mind.


Recently Facebook has added a helpful groups’ feature that collects and organises users by certain common factors or behaviours. Want to market only to those deemed Likely to Move’? Homeowners? Frequent Travellers? We can combine these with interests, location and other ingredients to further customise your audience.


With Facebook having wrung every drop of organic reach from its business pages, the only way to reliably get noticed and start a conversation around your brand is to invest in Facebook ads. Thankfully, the tools at our disposal for targeting are only growing more powerful and accurate (effectively growing from a musket to a sniper). Want to breathe new life into your social campaigns? Talk to our ads specialist here…

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