What is Neighbourly? An intro to your next favourite form of social media.



Once upon a time we all knew our neighbours, we’d befriend those around us, sharing more than just a similar address. Everyone knew where the best local bargains were, what community events were coming up, and what was going on in the world immediately around them. Somehow over the years many of us lost this sense of community in our neighbourhoods. Enter Neighbourly’, the modern way to stay connected with your local collective.

Neighbourly essentially takes your neighbourhood and places it online, creating a private website where locals can go to get the inside look at everything happening around them. Users are address-verified and listed by their real name so there’s a level of trust in sharing information (you can be sure everyone is who they say they are — a rarity on the internet!). In lieu of a physical town square, Neighbourly is a virtual meeting place exclusively for residents.

The overall goal of Neighbourly is to improve our communities, whether that means forging new connections between individuals, or providing a place where local goods and service providers can endear themselves to current and future regulars. It’s a place where users can go to feel more safe, build associations, and reach out to one another, making your world a little brighter in the process.

That all sounds pretty great, right? We think so too! But how does it help your business? Read on with the next article in this month’s bumper Neighbourly-themed newsletter for all the reasons why your business needs to be part of the online discussion.

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Looking to get on board the Neighbourly train?

Neighbourly is a private local-community website for New Zealand neighbourhoods where people in each community can safely discuss local issues, get help, trade items and more. Get in touch or find out more.