What to Do if Facebook Disables Your Ads Account

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by Yvonne Adams

If a Facebook ad account is disabled, it is likely because of a repeated offence. Your ad content or anything that Facebook deems suspicious” activity will result in the banning of ads from your page.

You can read Facebook’s entire list of advertising policies, here.

If the image above pops up when you attempt to post an ad, your Facebook Ad Account has been disabled. 

As a marketer or business owner, this is the last thing you need!

Don’t worry. We are here to run you through the steps to recover your account. 

Diagnose The Problem 

What Does it Mean if My Facebook Ad Account is Disabled? 

Unfortunately, your ad account will be frozen; this means all active campaigns will be put on hold and will not, therefore, be able to generate any sales, and you will not be able to create any new advertising material.

Additionally, and frustratingly, everyone with access to your business manager will be locked out of the ad account. 

Why Was My Facebook Ad Account Disabled?

If a Facebook ad account is disabled, it is likely because of a repeated offence. Your ad content or anything that Facebook deems suspicious” activity on your account will result in the banning of ads from your page.

You can read Facebook’s entire list of advertising policies here.

1. Overspending

To avoid spamming its users, Facebook frowns on ads with massive daily budgets. Especially if the account is new.

We suggest you scale your daily budget by 515% until you have reached your advertising goals.

2. Logging in from different IP addresses

Logging in to your ad account from different devices can raise the online fraud flag, especially if it is a regular occurrence. 

If you must log in using a different device, we recommend that it be your mobile.

3. Not keeping a tight circle

If any user in your group has their personal ad account disabled, then Facebook may disable your page’s ad account by association

4. Late payments

Neglecting to pay your bills on time will raise your account as unreliable. 

You can avoid late payments by loading a credit card to your account or ensuring it is always topped up with available funds.

5. Unclear landing pages

Any pages that you direct users to via your ads should pertain to the ad’s information. The page should also contain business information like a logo, contact information, resources, company name and a disclaimer. 

6. Using the same payment methods for different ad accounts

Facebook uses payment methods to recognise previous offenders. If your account has been banned in the past, we suggest that you use a different payment method for future payments. 

7. Not keeping Facebook advertising information confidentialProtect all your data, and do not, under any circumstance, sell contact information to another company.

8. Ads disapproved according to Facebook’s guidelines

Make sure your ads abide by the following guidelines:

Facebook Community Standards

Facebook’s Terms of Service

Meta Advertising Policies

How Do I Recover My Disabled Facebook Ads Account?

1. How to request a review

On the Ad Account Disabled” window, you’ll see a box See Details”

Click on See Details”, this will take you to your Ad Account Policy Page, where you’ll find the status of your ad account.

Click on Request Review”. It may ask you to verify your identity, so fill in your information. The review can take around 2 – 3 business days.

You can also request a review by filling out one of the forms below: 

  • If you think your account was disabled because you violated Facebook’s advertising policies or guidelines, let them know by filling out this form. Be honest and provide as much detail as possible.
  • If you think your account was disabled by mistake, let Facebook know by filling out this form.

After filling out the appropriate form, check in with Facebook’s Help Centre regularly

2. How to Contact the Facebook Business Help Centre

If you fail to hear from anyone after 5+ days and your ad account is still restricted, try reaching out to the Facebook Business Help Centre.

Note – Make sure you’re in the Facebook Business Help Centre and not the standard Facebook Help Centre.

You will know you are in the right place if you can see options for chat support and information about advertising on the platform.

Scroll down to find the Find Answers” or the Contact Support” section.

To start a live chat with a Facebook rep, click on Get Started”

You will be taken through to a page that will display the current cases you have submitted. Here, you can follow up on any issues you have logged or create a new case/​request.

Pick the business manager that is restricted.

Pick which issue you are experiencing by selecting My ad account was disabled”.

Here, you will have the option to chat with a Facebook representative. 

We advise that you check your ad account daily to see if the restrictions are still in place.

Follow up every two days by checking in with the Facebook Business Help Centre.

At this point, one of three outcomes is possible. 

1. Facebook reviews your account and removes all restrictions. 

Note – If you were at fault, we suggest that you commit to following their advertising policies to the letter to avoid future disruptions.

2. It takes a really long time for them to get back to you. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence as all reviews are handled manually.

3. You receive an email from Facebook informing you that your account is permanently disabled. 

What If Facebook Rejects Appeals and Reviews, or I Never Hear Back From Them?

If all your attempts to resolve the issue are fruitless, then you have one final option. You can create a new Business Manager and Ad Account.

Here are the dos and don’ts for this process. 

DO make sure YOU are not the reason your ad account is disabled. If you are not in favour of following Facebook Advertising Policies, it’s very likely that you will end up with another disabled account. 

DO NOT create an ad account using the same business manager. 

DO Move all of your assets to the new Business manager. 

DO NOT use a credit card that Facebook has seen (one associated with the banned account). 

DO keep your head up! If all else fails, call the team at Easy Social media managing our clients’ ad accounts is what we do!

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