What’s the Meta?

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What’s the Meta?

  • Why you can’t access your pages — 

  • Why the administration panel looks different — 

  • Why you need to set up Meta Business immediately — 

Trust us, delaying this will make life so much harder! 

Have you been having trouble accessing your Facebook account? Perhaps you’re trying to reset the password, edit your Facebook Ads campaign, add your Instagram page to your account, or even just try to access your Facebook Business page to update it. If so, you’re not alone. Meta Business (formerly Facebook) has been upgrading the platform extensively over the last year – here are some examples.

A New-Look Facebook Business Page

Not only does your business page look different at the front end, but there are significant changes to the back end – the settings. You’ll have to navigate the new settings to update and edit the page, add or remove page managers, and boost posts.

Legacy Log-Ons Disabled

If your Facebook page is more than 5 years old, it may have been set up without a personal profile or wasn’t converted to Facebook Business Manager (which preceded Meta Business Suite). You will have been prompted to update your access, but if you didn’t do so, access may be permanently disabled, preventing you from logging back onto the page.

Increased Facebook Log-In Security

Facebook now requires all business accounts to be set up and protected by 2‑step authentication, requiring you to enter an additional case from your Authenticator App. Once again, if you’ve missed the prompts, you may find yourself unable to access your account. The paradox is that without access to your account. Added to this, contacting Facebook to initiate a review is fraught with difficulties.

Facebook Account Restrictions 

More care is required when setting up Facebook Ads campaigns. Facebook’s automation bots are quick to disapprove an Ads campaign and restrict the account if they sense a violation. 

In many cases, the restriction is overturned on appeal, but it can be a frustrating and time-consuming experience to understand what the violation was and what action is necessary to overcome the restriction and allow the campaign to continue.

Facebook support is slow and erratic, and it often takes 2 – 3 appeals before a real person at Facebook finally looks at the issue and takes action – often allowing the campaign to proceed.

Each of these issues that we’ve shown requires a different solution, but there’s one way to minimise these disruptions, and that’s to set up all your Facebook assets in Meta Business Suite.

Meta Business Suite.

Meta (Facebook) designed Meta Business Suite to help businesses manage their Meta pages. This is a free tool, and the beauty is that it doesn’t have to be tethered to a personal Facebook account. 

Meta Busines Suite makes your business page easier and more convenient to manage, boosts security and makes it harder to hack.

What is Meta Business Suite? 

Essentially, Meta Business Suite is a management system for businesses. It allows them to keep their Instagram and Facebook management tools in one place and separate from all personal accounts. 

Meta Business Suite ensures convenient use and greater protection.

Without Meta Business Suite, you will have to manage your business Facebook and Instagram accounts via your personal account. While this is not the end of the world, sharing your personal login details create security risks for your business. Creating a Business Manager account mitigates all risk and streamlines your Meta marketing processes.

Why is Meta Business Suite important? 

Setting up a Meta Business Suite ensures the safety and security of your business page. You can grant access to staff members and add external agencies easily and conveniently. You can apply different levels of access to each user. 

Additionally, for those companies with multiple branches or pages set up, Business Suite allows you to manage each page from the same account.

As an added bonus, Business Suite includes loads of free tools to help you manage and streamline your Facebook and Instagram account including valuable pixel data, a custom audience builder, business-level insights and reporting, and a spend threshold manager. 

How to get Meta Business Suite? 

Firstly, determine who in your team should own the primary admin rights to your Business Manager. For many companies, this is the Marketing Manager or the CEO, depending on the size of the company and the number of team members. 

Note, this person will need a personal Facebook profile to create a Business Manager account but this is only so that Meta can confirm their identity. It won’t be connected to the Business Manager account in any way. 

Next, go to the Business Manager homepage (www​.busi​ness​.face​book​.com/​o​v​e​rview) and click create account’. Here, you will be required to share some information about your business. Once this step is complete, you can start adding your Facebook and Instagram business pages, Ad accounts and grant access to your employees. 

Setting up a Business Manager for Meta is free. What are you waiting for?

If you need help or have any questions, then please get in touch by jumping on this link here!

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