Why should I join Neighbourly? How to win friends and influence people.



If a tree falls in the forest and there’s nobody around to hear it, does it make a sound? You could make an argument that it might, but if no one’s around to confirm, how can we ever really know? The same can be said about your business — without customers to market your product or service to you may as well not exist at all. So how do you connect with people? Marketing through platforms like Facebook and Instagram is a start (get in touch if you want to talk about upgrading your plan!), but the new kid on the block, Neighbourly, is here to give you a new and powerful means of getting noticed.

Neighbourly gathers members of a defined geographical area into one centralised online community, it’s like your advertising targeting has already been done for you! By posting on Neighbourly you’re only appealing to people who actually live in the area, a goldmine of potential future clients eager to engage with their local community (that includes you and your business!). The self-selected nature of Neighbourly makes it an incredibly efficient and effective way of reaching out to the people most likely to be interested in what you have to offer.

Of course, you can only take advantage of the potential benefits of Neighbourly if you’re regularly posting content (even with a built-in audience, the tree still needs to make a sound to be heard!). Neighbourly gives your business the opportunity to be seen as an integral part of the local community, talking to and engaging with customers about what’s going on in their world. Build trust and form a loyal following of locals by staying active on your Neighbourly page, that’s all part of why people are on there!

Did we mention Neighbourly has over 550,000 Kiwis on their platform across the website and associated apps? That’s a giant untapped resource of potential clients for any business owner to meet! So how can you give your business the nest chance of standing out and making Neighbourly work for you? Read part three of our Neighbourly-themed newsletter to get a run-down of our exciting new service package!

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Looking to get on board the Neighbourly train?

Neighbourly is a private local-community website for New Zealand neighbourhoods where people in each community can safely discuss local issues, get help, trade items and more. Get in touch or find out more.