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The Night King may have been *spoiler alert* defeated but winter is still coming, and with it an opportunity for your business to thrive while others are in hibernation for the season. A compelling social media presence backed by precisely targeted ad campaigns is an asset year-round, but especially over the colder months when the temptation can be to wind back activity.

So you’re ready to ramp things up and take charge of your winter advertising? Great! Now, where do you start? The best thing to do is give your content manager a call (we love to hear from you!) and we’ll craft a plan of attack that’s tailored to your individual goals. Not sure what you should be targeting? That’s OK too! Here are a few of the primary tools for giving your business a winter kick.

Looking to bulk up your client contact list? If you tend to run direct email campaigns in tandem with your social media activity, a lead generation campaign would be perfect. This clever little piece of advertising presents Facebook users in your ideal target group with a simple form where they can fill out their details in exchange for going in the draw to win a prize (ideally something to do with your product or service!). You can then customise the lead form depending on the info you require (be it a simple email/​phone number, or how many people work in your office?”, anything you like!). This data then drops into an easy spreadsheet full of spicy new leads for you to market to!

Have a new product launch or event coming up? Recently had a re-brand or some other exciting piece of news you want to scream from the rooftops? Avoid getting up on the roof (lest you end up in the news for all the wrong reasons) and talk to us about running a Facebook dark ad’. These campaigns allow for a wide range of promotions, from brand awareness to engagement or website traffic, along with pinpoint targeting to ensure every dollar invested is well spent. Curious about our results? We’d be happy to show you similar campaigns that have performed exceptionally well as part of a planning session for your next big advertising success!

The best time to advertise is when no one else is, taking advantage of a quiet market to make your name known. Talk to the team about how we can help your business avoid the classic winter cool down’!

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