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Eat My Lunch have been something of a sensation since launching a little over two years ago. Operating on a simple proposition of buy a lunch, give a lunch’, they’ve given over 500,000 lunches to Kiwi kids in need. Everyone from corporate groups to big-hearted individuals have chowed down on one of their delicious gourmet lunches, made all the more satisfying with the knowledge that each lunch contributes to an incredibly worthy cause. 

We’ve relished the challenge of further building the Eat My Lunch brand across social media – we even got the team in to help volunteer making lunches for the kiddies! A 5am start is a small price to pay when you’re chipping in to help Kiwi kids have a tasty mean they’d otherwise go without. ESM director Jef Kay may have even shed a tear or two reading the heart-warming wall of handwritten than you notes and pictures from the kids (we always knew you were a big softie, Jef!).

A social enterprise like this is tailor-made for social media (it doesn’t get more social’ than this!), and we’ve employed a range of strategies to help get the word out and expand Eat My Lunch’s audience and reach. Through creative Facebook advertising, curated brand building via Instagram, and popular Facebook Live events, the Eat My Lunch brand is on the up in all respects.

September 18 the is a big date on both of our calendars with the launch of Eat My Dinner and our next Facebook Live broadcast! Eat My Dinner offers another super-convenient way of enjoying a delectable meal while doing social good, and we’ll be there to capture all the excitement on their Facebook page. See you there!

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