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Blank walls are a shared canvas and we’re all artists.” Never has this rung more true than with our Client of the Month, Grafix Wall Art. The good people at Grafix supply a range of decals, murals and cans art for the home and office. From designer art through to custom user-created pieces, creativity is at the core of what they do. So we decided to get creative with their social media.

Grafix came to us wanting to leverage their engaged social media audience into an expanded email list for direct marketing. We put our thinking caps on and devised a strategy that achieved the dual goal of electrifying their Facebook page with a burst of activity, while ensuring their cup runneth over with fresh leads.

First we modified their Facebook advertising set to perfectly match the desired demographic of users we wished to reach, creating a competition post and boosting it out to this target audience. This reached over 15,000 users with a modest advertising spend across little more than a week, ensuring Grafix was all over the timelines of art enthusiasts Auckland-wide.

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We added a clever little modification in the form of a third party plug-in that busily built a mini-database of user email addresses as the entries poured in. Two quick clicks were all it took to both enter the draw and provide Grafix with another email address for their database.

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