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Regent Training Centre

Regent Training Centre provide education opportunities for 16 – 19 year olds for whom traditional schooling hasn’t worked out. Their courses are practical, relevant and interesting, with learning options including building, forestry,
computing, and a host of other pathways into higher learning and employment.

In order to better promote all that they do, we looked to increase their social
engagement, so that more of our youth could have the opportunity to learn and
grow with the support of their incredible tutors.

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Competitions are a reliable way to drum up renewed excitement on social media, enticing followers to engage with your page and spreading your content to their friends and friends of friends (that’s what we call going viral baby!). For this promotion the people at RTC did something clever in that the prize (two fantastic pieces of outdoor furniture!) was actually built by the students. Many of the entrants were so impressed with the quality of the furniture that the social conversation became largely about what an amazing job the school must be doing to turn out such a great looking end result!

Through a strategically placed post boost we were able to ignite the good vibes around the post into something that would reach 15,000+ people, most of whom fell squarely within RTC’s target audience.

The good people at RTC went one step better by promoting the competition at a community event they appeared at, breaking down barriers between the digital and physical worlds. This is a fantastic way to build excitement around a competition draw, while showcasing them as an active participant in the surrounding community.

We’ve got plenty of similarly ambitious stuff planned for RTC over the coming year and look forward to helping them grow! If you’re looking to increase your social profile through competitions, events, or just want to throw around some ideas, our door is always open!

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