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The Heads Omapare

2018 got off to a hot start outside, but things were even more scorching in the Easy Social Media offices, with a number of early successes.

Choosing just one to highlight here was tough, but we couldn’t go past this recent competition for The Heads Omapere (nice one, Lexie!) — 

Check out the post here

You might think giving a relaxing weekend away (including continental breakfast and a 2‑hour horse trek) would create plenty of excitement, and you would be right! With over 168,000 people reached (and counting!) this one competition has already been seen by a decent chuck of Kiwis.

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The organic reach is through the roof on this one, with the lion’s share coming through active users busily tagging their friends and family for a chance at this wicked prize.

You’ll notice we’ve paired a video with this competition, and with video content typically generating up to six times more organic reach than a static image it’s no wonder this one has gone viral.

The combination of an enticing prize, backed by a video campaign, with a targeted ads spend behind it is a powerful one.

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