The lockdown is almost OVER, are you SET to SUCCEED Banner

The lockdown is almost OVER, are you SET to SUCCEED?


Online shopping is at an all-time high and Facebook users are spending 30% more time on there

- that’s 30% more time that they could be shopping with you!

Kick start your business with our Social Marketing Starter which includes:

  • 2 Facebook posts every week
  • $35 spent on Facebook Ads every week
  • Monthly Reporting
  • All for $75+GST per week!

There’s a 6 month term, and you get your schedule a month ahead so you always know what’s going on with your pages!
You can add Instagram for just $35+GST extra per week!

Still interested? Read a little more about it below.….

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*Facebook SORTED. 2 posts each week

Get your full monthly schedule in advance and approve everything before it goes live!
You even get 1 free round of changes. But you probably won’t need them, because we’re pretty good at this.

*BONUS FREEBIE — $150 Monthly Ads Budget

Free money? That’s right, you heard it here first.
$150 every month towards boosting your Facebook posts and increasing your reach and engagement.
We’re feeling generous. Take advantage.

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*Monitor and Measure. Thousands of eyes on the prize. (Your business is the prize)

Monthly reports show you just how many eyeballs have gazed longingly at your latest offerings.
We’ll also break it down into gender, location, your top posts and some other neat things so you know what works best on your social pages. (You’re welcome)

*Only $75 + GST per week (whaaaaat the Facebook?)

Truth. There is a 6‑month term.
$86 charged weekly in advance to your credit card.

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Still Hungry? Add INSTAGRAM for $150 per month…

If your business is in the food, health, wellness, beauty or fashion space, you’ll be wanting to add Instagram to your monthly mix.
We’ll replicate the content on Instagram as well, and you get a bonus $20 boost on Instagram.

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Want to know more about what we do?

Our vision is to become your com­plete social media man­age­ment solu­tion to save you time and dri­ve more cus­tomers to your busi­ness, all for a real­is­tic month­ly fee.